How to Connect a Turntable to a PC

How to Link a Turntable to a COMPUTER?

During Pandemic Family Visitation Plummets While Home Health and Hospice Visits Remain Consistent

Care levels at senior living and skilled nursing facilities during the pandemic’s peak remained consistent even as family visitation levels plummeted, according to data on 127 million visitor sign-ins provided by...

Increasing Awareness of Packaged Food Boosting the Growth of the Global Fresh Food Packaging

Raising Understanding of Packaged Food Boosting the Development of the Global Fresh Food Product Packaging

GAST Clearwater Develops New Technology to Save the Wastewater Industry potentially Billions

GAST Clearwater has developed a disruptive technology and methodology to replace the Secondary Treatment & Disinfection stages without using chemicals or biological elements of Wastewater & Sewerage treatment facilities.The technology...

A Stray Bullet

A Stray Bullet

Uptime com Shares Data on Most Significant Internet Outages of Q1 2022

New data compiled by ThousandEyes, a network-monitoring service owned by Cisco Systems Inc., revealed system outages and website downtime increased by 9% in just the first week of 2022.  This increase,...