A Stray Bullet

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A Stray Bullet

A Stray Bullet

. Title: A Stray Bullet [107 pages/ mins existing run time] Category: Biography, Love, Disaster, Drama, Martial Arts Action


Deserted as a kid, a young man grows up in an orphanage and later on has a hard time to make it through prison and get rid of impossible chances to locate God, redemption and also mercy for a tragic error.


Noah, at the age of 8, is living with his mom in the housing jobs in East Tampa when his absentee papa comes for a see after being chosen 2 years. After an argument and a put in the face by his mommy, he leaves her to go to Swainsboro, Georgia with his father and, after concerning five months, his papa deserts him on the side of the roadway. He is noticed the deserted rural road by a random greyhound bus vehicle driver that tries to obtain Noah back to his mother’s house in East Tampa bay however she denies Noah by banging the door in his face and also, not recognizing what else to do he roams for hrs, winding up in Ybor City.

For 6 months Noah survives on the tough roads of this Cuban area of East Tampa fl and also sleeps in a trash dumpster, dines in restaurants of trash bin behind restaurants as well as begs for cash from complete strangers. One day, a social employee locates him as well as offers him a residence in an orphanage where Noah spends the following nine years of his life till he graduates high school and goes off to university. While in college he experiences a painful break up with his senior high school sweetie and also seeks assistance from a senior retired psychiatrist who only gives him mind-altering medications.

He contemplates suicide yet rather, unintentionally shoots and also practically eliminates his secondary school sweetheart and her dad. Sentenced to fifteen years behind bars, he is recruited to be a canine kid on the jail’s canine squad to hunt down left prisoners risking his life by gun-fire. After a number of years tracking as well as catching refugees, he is paroled back to finish university where he proceeds his education and learning and graduates. He then makes a masters and also postgraduate degree in psychology to help others locate God for years in his very own private technique eventually being given a full excuse from the Governor (Lawton Chiles) of Florida in 1993.

Movie Script Author: Howard Henderson

Supervisor: TBD

Cast: TBD

Executive Manufacturer: TBD

Producers: TBD

” A weapon adjustments everything … a bullet is permanently.” - Bob Lee Swagger

In these times of gun physical violence and mental disorder, this movie is required currently especially.

You haven’t solicited my materials however, I’m just sharing my “amazing, compelling and, involving” story that might win a person connected with it an Oscar nomination if it’s well cast, and also marketed correctly. So, I understand you’ll desire more … everybody asks for even more of this tale.

’ A Stray Bullet’ is an “amazing, emotional and also, engaging” tale of confidence and also hope, along with an awful tale of redemption as well as mercy … (according to my critics).

Our company believe every person will wish to see this movie …

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Cider Standing Order (1999) satisfies Shawshank Redemption (1994) fulfills Goodwill Hunting (1997 ). Much like Nights In Rodanthe (2008) other than, Howard Henderson is no Nicholas Stimulates so, nobody dies as well as, it has a triumphant, pleased finishing, much more like Rudy (1993) offered his victorious, pleased ending.


” Otherwise Mrs. Lincoln, just how did you like the play?”.

I’m a retired psychologist living on Merritt Island off the East Coast of Florida.

( Review what critics and 2 [2] Hollywood manufacturers have said listed below about my life tale).

Right here’s the Indianapolis news paper write-up:.

” Noah Rode Out Tornado To Thrive”.

by Tim Swarens.

Courtesy of The Indianapolis Celebrity (Friday, November 27, 1998).

Noah was 8 when his daddy left him alongside a Georgia highway. The youngster waited alone for a Greyhound bus chauffeur to find him. It takes him back to Florida, to home and his mommy. But Noah’s mommy was dealing with a new guy. Little young boys were no longer welcome. Noah was delegated make it through on the roads of Tampa. Eventually picked up and also sent out to an orphanage, he never saw his mommy or daddy once more. An abandoned boy could be anticipated to become a bitter male. But Noah commonly surpassed assumptions. At once of year when we appreciate for the great in life, Noah also is thankful for the poor. “God has actually been looking into me, safeguarding me and also giving me with possibilities that I never would certainly have had if I had actually stuck with my parents,” Noah says.

Assisting People.

Today, he is a psychologist in Carmel, helping individuals overcome their own frustrations. He’s also a spouse as well as papa, attending to his 3 youngsters with the stability he never ever recognized. For nine years, Noah stayed in the orphanage. He discovered to drive a cars and truck as well as to play a trumpet there. It was, he claims, the first place he ever felt safe. By their late teens, kids at the orphanage were anticipated to leave. The majority of signed up with the army. Noah intended to most likely to college. The parents of two good friends opened their residences to him, supplying the possibility to end up high school. It was while coping with among his new families that he fulfilled the guy that would become his advisor. Sherwin Broersma, pastor of a Dutch Reform church in Tampa bay, took a passion in an orphan kid that needed a dad figure. “He ended up being a very solid version, a leading force in my life,” Noah claims. “I still make use of a great deal of the advice he’s given me for many years in therapy with my clients.” After high school, Noah made his method to Florida State College, transforming majors four times before picking psychology. He located he appreciated assisting others deal with their issues. He likewise was working on himself. “I washed pots and also frying pans at a Red Lobster throughout summer season break. I ‘d stand in the back, rubbing and informing myself, ‘I’m an excellent individual and also God loves me.’”.

Transcending Misfortune.

Noah was a transcender, the uncommon child who can be struck with life’s worst as well as still prosper. We do not totally recognize why one kid when faced with abuse and forget soars while the majority of around him sink. However Noah was blessed by 3 positives in an otherwise unfavorable youth. He resided in a well-run organization, where staff members took a passion in him. He found a coach. As well as, he developed a strong personal belief that offered him really hope. “A milestone for me was the ability to forgive my moms and dads for doing the most effective they understood how,” he says. In his Carmel practice, Dr. Kersey instructs principles that prevail to people that overcome misfortune. One is to be dedicated to transform. One more is to have faith in the process, to wait patiently while change occurs. He additionally worries that anger as well as concern can be used as motivators for success. Yet success has actually not erased Noah’s memories of an unpleasant youth. His largest struggle, he claims, is to offer his kids the freedom to stop working, to not become extremely protective as a result of his very own experiences. Among those painful experiences encouraged Dr. Kersey to complete his education and learning. As a young man, he went to a woman he recognized to request assistance in safeguarding a job. The lady, that a few years previously had actually nearly adopted Noah, coldly rebuffed him. “I left her home, stood in the driveway and also stated, ‘I’ll show her,’” he states. Years later on, after completing his doctorate, he sent the woman a message of thanks. “The most effective retribution is to be effective regardless of the people that allow you down,” he says.

Swarens is a Star content author. Copyright (c) 2002 The Indianapolis Celebrity - Reprinted by approval of Tim Swarens.

If you like, I can send you the [107 page] manuscript written by “Howard Henderson” also known as me!

This is what doubters and also manufacturers have stated regarding my life story:.

” Noah truly has an amazing story as well as has actually conquered incredible probabilities.” - Jessica Ruskin, Education And Learning Director, Charles M. Schulz Museum.

” I’m extremely thinking about Noah’s fantastic life story.” - Gary Puckett, Musician as well as lead singer in the Union Void.

” Noah was a rare child that could be hit with life’s worse as well as still thrive” -Tim Swarens, “Noah Rode Out Storm To Grow.” Indianapolis Celebrity News.

” Anybody can make unfortunate errors when honored with great possibilities as well as support group and family members. Noah had little to none of those benefits. And afterwards he turned all of it about. He not just has my acceptance, he has my appreciation.” Roger Guffey.

” I am so impressed at Noah’s tale of belief in God and willpower.”. Carey Odum.

” Noah’s life story will certainly make you weep, since a youngster being thrown right into the world to take care of himself is a disaster.” Ron Barnes, CMA member.

” If you’ve ever adopted a kid, you will intend to view this film.” Gerard Venemen, previous CEO. The Kid’s Residence.

” An appealing tale with numerous heartbreaking moments.” - Susan Sheridan.

” A triumphant … gripping story.” - Diane Bell, The San Diego Union-Tribune.

” Noah’s tale is very compelling … with a great, pleased ending. What’s unreasonable is that he really did not get to select his moms and dads.” - Omar Alvarez. The United States Message Office.

” Noah is an outstanding man.” - Dr. Jonnie Gonso Ph.D. Retired Accredited Psychologist, Indianapolis, Indiana.

” Never quit” - Mark Castaldo, Fate Photo.

” Don’t ever before give up.” - Marty Katz, Marty Katz Productions.

Thank you again for taking the time from your unbelievably active timetable to read this. I expect hearing your ideas. It will certainly assist millions of boys to prevent the exact same awful blunder I made.

Mark and Marty both stated they loved my tale but, Marty says he wants to wait and see the re-write and his better half, Campbell, is ill so, he’s her primary care provider. Mark Castaldo said he doesn’t produce this genre of movie.

Thank you for reviewing this much!



My novel is labelled Intent To Eliminate.

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I wrote the screenplay under my nom de plume of Howard Henderson due to the fact that an expert screenwriter mishandled my real life tale as well as, I desired it to be precise as well as real to what truly took place. Contact me at [mailto:[email protected]] [email protected] if you wish to check out a PDF file of the script or have any kind of concerns.

Testimonials from people I backpacked 500 miles with. on El Camino de Santiago in northwestern Spain in 2014.