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A Stray Bullet

A Stray Bullet

. Title: A Stray Bullet [107 pages/ mins existing run time] Genre: Bio, Love, Catastrophe, Drama, Martial Arts Action


Deserted as a toddler, a boy matures in an orphanage and later on battles to endure prison and overcome difficult probabilities to discover God, redemption and mercy for a tragic mistake.


Noah, at the age of eight, is living with his mom in the real estate jobs in East Tampa fl when his absentee papa comes for a visit after being chosen two years. After a disagreement as well as a slap in the face by his mother, he leaves her to go to Swainsboro, Georgia with his papa and also, after concerning five months, his daddy deserts him on the side of the road. He is noticed the deserted rural roadway by an arbitrary greyhound bus motorist who tries to get Noah back to his mom’s house in East Tampa but she turns down Noah by knocking the door in his face and also, not recognizing what else to do he strays for hrs, winding up in Ybor City.

For 6 months Noah survives on the rugged roads of this Cuban area of East Tampa florida and rests in a garbage dumpster, eats in restaurants of garbage cans behind dining establishments and also asks for cash from complete strangers. One day, a social worker finds him and also offers him a house in an orphanage where Noah spends the next nine years of his life up until he finishes senior high school as well as goes off to college. While in college he experiences an uncomfortable break up with his senior high school sweetie as well as looks for help from an elderly retired psychiatrist that just provides him mind-altering medications.

He contemplates self-destruction however instead, inadvertently shoots and also practically kills his senior high school sweetheart as well as her daddy. Sentenced to fifteen years in prison, he is hired to be a pet dog boy on the jail’s canine squad to hound left prisoners risking his life by gun-fire. After a number of years tracking and capturing escapees, he is paroled back to complete university where he proceeds his education and learning as well as grads. He then earns a masters and also doctoral degree in psychology to help others find God for several years in his own exclusive method eventually being given a full pardon from the Guv (Lawton Chiles) of Florida in 1993.

Screenplay Author: Howard Henderson

Supervisor: TBD

Cast: TBD

Exec Manufacturer: TBD

Producers: TBD

” A weapon modifications everything … a bullet is permanently.” - Bob Lee Swagger

In these times of gun physical violence and also mental disease, this movie is needed now more than ever.

You haven’t gotten my materials but, I’m just sharing my “remarkable, engaging as well as, engaging” tale that could win a person connected with it an Oscar nomination if it’s well cast, and marketed properly. So, I recognize you’ll want more … everybody requests for more of this story.

’ A Stray Bullet’ is an “remarkable, touching as well as, compelling” story of belief as well as hope, in addition to a tragic tale of redemption as well as mercy … (according to my movie critics).

We believe everyone will certainly wish to see this movie …

Below are comparable films:.

Cider House Rules (1999) fulfills Shawshank Redemption (1994) fulfills Good Will Searching (1997 ). Just like Nights In Rodanthe (2008) except, Howard Henderson is no Nicholas Sparks so, no person dies as well as, it has a triumphant, satisfied finishing, far more like Rudy (1993) offered his victorious, happy finishing.


” Otherwise Mrs. Lincoln, just how did you like the play?”.

I’m a retired psycho therapist living on Merritt Island off the East Coast of Florida.

( Read what doubters as well as 2 [2] Hollywood producers have actually stated listed below about my life story).

Here’s the Indianapolis news paper article:.

” Noah Rode Out Storm To Thrive”.

by Tim Swarens.

Thanks to The Indianapolis Star (Friday, November 27, 1998).

Noah was 8 when his daddy left him along with a Georgia freeway. The youngster waited alone for a Greyhound bus driver to discover him. It takes him back to Florida, to residence as well as his mommy. However Noah’s mommy was living with a brand-new partner. Little children were no longer welcome. Noah was delegated make it through on the roads of Tampa bay. At some point gotten and also sent to an orphanage, he never saw his mommy or daddy once again. An abandoned boy might be expected to turn into a bitter man. However Noah typically exceeded expectations. At once of year when we appreciate for the great in life, Noah additionally is happy for the bad. “God has been looking into me, safeguarding me and giving me with chances that I never would certainly have had if I had stuck with my moms and dads,” Noah claims.

Assisting Individuals.

Today, he is a psycho therapist in Carmel, helping clients conquer their very own disappointments. He’s likewise a hubby and papa, offering his three children with the security he never recognized. For 9 years, Noah resided in the orphanage. He found out to drive a vehicle and also to play a trumpet there. It was, he states, the starting point he ever really felt safe and secure. By their late teens, young boys at the orphanage were anticipated to leave. A lot of joined the military. Noah wanted to go to university. The moms and dads of 2 close friends opened their homes to him, offering the opportunity to complete senior high school. It was while coping with one of his new households that he fulfilled the male who would certainly become his advisor. Sherwin Broersma, pastor of a Dutch Reform church in Tampa, took an interest in an orphan kid who needed a dad figure. “He ended up being a very solid design, a guiding pressure in my life,” Noah claims. “I still utilize a great deal of the advice he’s provided me over the years in treatment with my patients.” After senior high school, Noah made his method to Florida State College, altering majors 4 times before choosing psychology. He found he delighted in aiding others work with their problems. He likewise was working with himself. “I cleaned pots and also frying pans at a Red Lobster throughout summertime break. I would certainly stand in the back, scrubbing and telling myself, ‘I’m a good person as well as God likes me.’”.

Going beyond Misfortune.

Noah was a transcender, the rare youngster that can be struck with life’s worst and also still thrive. We don’t fully recognize why one child when confronted with abuse and overlook rises while a lot of around him sink. However Noah was honored by three positives in an or else unfavorable childhood. He stayed in a well-run organization, where personnel took an interest in him. He located a coach. As well as, he developed a strong personal faith that gave him hope. “A turning point for me was the capacity to forgive my moms and dads for doing the very best they knew just how,” he states. In his Carmel method, Dr. Kersey instructs concepts that prevail to people that get over hardship. One is to be committed to transform. Another is to have faith in the process, to wait patiently while improvement occurs. He additionally emphasizes that rage and worry can be utilized as motivators for success. Yet success has not eliminated Noah’s memories of an agonizing youth. His most significant struggle, he states, is to give his kids the flexibility to stop working, to not end up being excessively safety as a result of his very own experiences. One of those excruciating experiences motivated Dr. Kersey to complete his education and learning. As a young man, he went to a woman he recognized to request aid in securing a job. The female, that a couple of years earlier had virtually adopted Noah, coldly rejected him. “I left her home, stood in the driveway and also said, ‘I’ll show her,’” he claims. Years later on, after completing his doctorate, he sent the lady a message of thanks. “The best retribution is to be effective despite the people that let you down,” he claims.

Swarens is a Celebrity content writer. Copyright (c) 2002 The Indianapolis Celebrity - Reprinted by authorization of Tim Swarens.

If you like, I can send you the [107 web page] script created by “Howard Henderson” also known as me!

This is what critics as well as producers have actually claimed about my life tale:.

” Noah genuinely has an impressive story and also has gotten rid of amazing probabilities.” - Jessica Ruskin, Education And Learning Director, Charles M. Schulz Gallery.

” I’m very interested in Noah’s incredible life story.” - Gary Puckett, Musician and also lead singer in the Union Void.

” Noah was an uncommon youngster who could be struck with life’s even worse as well as still prosper” -Tim Swarens, “Noah Rode Out Storm To Prosper.” Indianapolis Celebrity News.

” Any person can make terrible blunders when blessed with great chances as well as support group and family members. Noah had little to none of those benefits. And afterwards he turned all of it about. He not only has my acceptance, he has my adoration.” Roger Guffey.

” I am so astonished at Noah’s story of confidence in God as well as perseverance.”. Carey Odum.

” Noah’s life tale will make you sob, due to the fact that a youngster being thrown into the globe to take care of himself is a catastrophe.” Ron Barnes, CMA member.

” If you’ve ever embraced a kid, you will wish to view this flick.” Gerard Venemen, previous CEO. The Children’s House.

” An interesting tale with several heartbreaking moments.” - Susan Sheridan.

” A triumphant … clutching story.” - Diane Bell, The San Diego Union-Tribune.

” Noah’s story is very engaging … with an excellent, pleased ending. What’s unfair is that he really did not reach select his parents.” - Omar Alvarez. The United States Blog Post Office.

” Noah is a remarkable male.” - Dr. Jonnie Gonso Ph.D. Retired Certified Psycho Therapist, Indianapolis, Indiana.

” Never surrender” - Mark Castaldo, Destiny Pictures.

” Don’t ever quit.” - Marty Katz, Marty Katz Productions.

Thank you again for putting in the time from your unbelievably hectic timetable to read this. I look forward to hearing your ideas. It will assist millions of young men to stay clear of the exact same awful error I made.

Mark and Marty both claimed they loved my tale however, Marty claims he wants to wait and see the re-write and also his wife, Campbell, is ill so, he’s her primary care carrier. Mark Castaldo stated he does not generate this genre of film.

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My novel is labelled Intent To Kill.

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I wrote the movie script under my nom de plume of Howard Henderson since an expert screenwriter mishandled my true life tale and also, I wanted it to be accurate as well as true to what actually occurred. Contact me at [mailto:[email protected]] [email protected] if you would love to read a PDF documents of the script or have any type of concerns.

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