KELA Releases State of Cybercrime Threat Intelligence Report

Aura Lane
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KELA Releases State of Cybercrime Threat Intelligence Report

KELA, the world’s leader in preventing cybercrime, has released the findings from its new “State of Cybercrime Threat Intelligence” report.  Kela surveyed 400 security team members in the U.S. who were responsible for gathering cybercrime threat intelligence daily to better understand if they’re proactively scanning the dark web and other cybercrime sources, what tools they’re using, the gaps they see in their cybercrime threat intelligence approach, and more.  “We found organizations may be less prepared for threats emerging from the cybercrime underground than they should be,” said David Carmiel, KELA CEO. “At KELA, our extensive intelligence expertise has shown us just how complex the cybercrime underground really is. The threats are much more comprehensive, and what organizations know and refer to as the dark web is changing within the hour. With these findings, we hope to proactively educate the security community about the state and future of cybercrime so they can stay ahead of the curve.” Key Findings:

69% are concerned about threats from the cybercrime underground. 54% wouldn’t be surprised to find their organization’s data on the cybercrime underground.  Only 38% believe that they’re very likely to detect it if it was released. 48% have no documented cybercrime threat intelligence policy in place.  Only 41% believe their current security program is very effective.  49% are not satisfied with the visibility they have of the cybercrime underground.  Of the 51% who were satisfied with their visibility into the cybercrime underground, 39% were still unable to prevent an attack.  Additional training and proficiency in cybercrime intelligence investigations is the most needed capability. 

To download a full copy of the report, please click HERE.  Understanding the deep need for training due to knowledge gaps that security teams face with regard to cybercrime intelligence, KELA is honored to offer a new Threat Hunting Workshops Series that will launch in Q4 2022. The workshops are part of the company’s mission to empower security practitioners to neutralize cybercrime threats and ensure the protection of their organizations.   About KELA An award-winning cybercrime threat intelligence firm, KELA’s mission is to provide 100% actionable intelligence on threats emerging from the cybercrime underground. Our success is based on a unique integration of our proprietary automated technologies and qualified intelligence experts. Trusted worldwide, our cybercrime threat intelligence and cybercrime attack surface intelligence technology automatically penetrates the hardest-to-reach corners of the internet to provide you with unique, contextualized, and actionable insights. Our solutions infiltrate underground places your team can’t reach and thoroughly learn your unique requirements to uncover direct threats to your organization. KELA’s tailored threat visibility, combined with cybercrime attack surface visibility, arms you with highly contextualized intelligence, as seen from the eyes of attackers, thus enabling proactive network defense. For more information, visit  Media Contact Efrat [email protected] Source: KELA