Thetan Arena to Launch a Special Staking Program Creating the Opportunities to Get Into Global Projects Private Sales

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Thetan Arena to Launch a Special Staking Program Creating the Opportunities to Get Into Global Projects Private Sales

Thetan Arena, a blockchain-based mobile MOBA esport game, has officially announced the release of the THG Staking program, which is believed to create more benefits for the THG holder community and, at the same time, to optimize the investments of the holders. Aligned with the roadmap of Thetan Arena, THG Staking will put a strong focus on the optimization of THG holders’ profits. The program is planned to start on 1 April 2022. And when it stops will depend on the chosen staking option by the token holders. The total amount that can be put in the staking pool is 5,000,000 THG. The program is tailored to the diverse demands of the community, with multiple staking options. Specifically, there are two options: Flexible Stake and High Rewards Stake. Each staking option has a different timeframe:

Staking Option Starts on Stops receiving token on Note

Flexible Stake 01/04/2022 14/04/2023 1 day before the program officially ends

High Rewards Stake 6 months (180 days) 

01/04/2022 15/04/2023 Maturity on 16 Oct. 2023

High Rewards Stake 12 months (360 days)

01/04/2022 15/10/2022

Flexible Stake: This is the basic option and the APR can be up to 80%. With this option, holders can stake any amount of THG as they wish and unstake at any time. However, from the perspective of NFT gaming, Thetan Arena strongly recommends option 2.

High Rewards Stake: The best option in this program as the APR can be up to 240%. In order to be qualified for this option, holders are required to put at least a pair of 100 THG and 1 NFT hero into the staking pool.

Stake & Lock also yields other benefits:

Daily gTHG reward Holders can stake many times Private tickets for joining Private Sales

Private tickets are what make this staking program stand out. This feature is an add-on to the value that the staking program provides the token holders. The Private tickets will be accumulated and used for transactions in Private Sales listed through the staking program by potential projects. The list of potential projects will be updated monthly, starting with 03: Salad, Infinity Force & Balthazar.  Last but not least, as more THG is staked, the lock duration will be longer, more private tickets shall be accumulated, and the recipients can purchase more from Private Sales. ➣ A tip for joining the staking program: The first five days of the program will be the best time to join as the APR will be at its highest and more private tickets will be accumulated. More information about Private Tickets:

A must-have requirement for joining Private Sales. Generated daily until the end of the staking program. Can not be traded or transferred among accounts. Each private ticket is equivalent to 5 BUSD. The maximum each THG holder can spend on a Private Sale is 250 BUSD, equivalent to 50 Private Tickets. A THG holder can collect Private Tickets & invest in various projects at the same time. A fee of 20% of the total invested amount shall be applied for each Private Sale, charged in THC.

➣ In the case where the token is locked for 12 months (360 days), the amount of private tickets is estimated to be 30% higher than if the token is locked for 6 months (180 days). Through THG Staking, we want to build a sustainable growth system for Thetan Arena, balance the tokenomics, distribute more value to THG holders, and develop more use cases for THC, such as:

Increase the number of NFT heroes as liquidity on Thetan Arena Marketplace. The 20% fee from all Private Sales will be burned to decrease the circulation of THC in the market. Increase the demand for THG and boost the transaction on the marketplace.

The launch of the THG Staking program represents the commitment of the team at Thetan Arena to:

Increase the token use cases & the token value Attract more holders Motivate the community to hold & lock token

At the same time, the Private Sales feature is a bonus from Thetan Arena to show appreciation for all token holders, those Thetan Arena calls Thetanians. “We have a long-term vision with Thetan Arena, and this is the very first step of our journey. Stay tuned for lots of valuable things to come”, shared CEO & Founder of Thetan Arena, Mr. Khanh Nguyen. For more information about THG Staking, visit Thetan Arena’s whitepaper at: —– Media Contact [email protected] Source: Thetan Arena