Mobile App Quantified Citizen Disrupts Health Research With Automation and the Citizen Science Movement

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Mobile App Quantified Citizen Disrupts Health Research With Automation and the Citizen Science Movement

Everyone can contribute to world-changing scientific discoveries with the right tools and questions. Quantified Citizen is a mobile health research platform that powers scientific discovery through digitized health measures and a community of professional researchers and citizen scientists. The app leverages standard health measures that make it easy for anyone to rapidly create and deploy behavioral research studies. It has a growing library of studies on interventions like psychedelic microdosing for mental health, conditions like sobriety and its connections to mood, creativity, productivity and more. Anyone can choose studies based on their interests and, in as little as two minutes a day, contribute to global health and science.  “We envision a world where doing scientifically valid health research is as fast and easy as creating a website, with the same global reach. Where scientific tinkering and self-examination are normalized, vastly accelerating the pace of discovery by unlocking unexamined data,” shares co-founder and CEO Eesmyal Santos-Brault.  Quantified Citizen’s study on psychedelic microdosing’s effects on cognitive performance and mental health was recently published in the prestigious Nature Scientific Reports. The study, informally called, is the largest microdosing study in the world at 17,000 participants and counting, and has been presented at numerous conferences, including Exponential Medicine, SXSW, Summit LA, and soon TED and Life Itself. “For way too long, science has been the domain of a professional class, and citizens have been merely passive observers. By partnering with citizen scientists, we aim to empower a generation of amateur researchers, and unlock scientific curiosity, imagination, and creativity on a scale never seen before,” says co-founder and CTO Kalin Harvey The Quantified Citizen app is available on iOS and Android. A recent update offers visual redesign, new tasks and activities, and the ability to connect Apple Health or Google Fit. New studies have also been announced:

Impact of COVID-19 - Exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on various aspects of mental health and social relationships.

Mental Health Tracker - Does mental health fluctuate with the seasons? Is it affected by a new routine or treatment regimen like a new medication?

Attitudes Towards Psychedelics - A global survey of attitudes and beliefs towards psychedelics.

Sobriety and Well-being Study - How abstaining from alcohol or cannabis for one month affects sleep.

Personality and Drug Use - Do drugs play a role in altering our personalities?

To fuel further growth and development of new study capabilities, Quantified Citizen is pleased to announce the closing of its oversubscribed Series Seed financing round, led by Bicycle Day Ventures and Limitless, along with notable investors Paul Stamets, Lance Tracey, Iter Investments, and Empath Ventures.  Press Contact: Nikki Paqueo, Product Marketing Manager [email protected], +1-604-800-2911 Investor Contact: Eesmyal Santos-Brault, Co-founder & CEO [email protected], +1-604-800-2911 Source: Quantified Citizen