Eqvista Raises 5M Opens Fundraising Reg CF Offering

Bijou Lane
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Eqvista Raises 5M Opens Fundraising Reg CF Offering

Eqvista is raising $5 million in a Series A funding round and has launched a crowdfunding campaign. The bootstrapped startup is aiming to increase its current valuation of $67 million by 10 times within five years. Here is what was accomplished in the past few years:

Eqvista is trusted by over 9,000 companies and 35,000+ shareholders. Grown revenue 14x in 24 months. $22.6 billion AUA (Asset Under Administration). International team of over 20 members across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Eqvista’s founder Tomas Milar said, “We are fundraising to speed up our incredible growth. This will not be possible without your unwavering support. Let us join together in creating an amazing platform for all businesses.” The company will use the raised funds in providing a stronger platform for cap table management and develop additional services that make equity management easier. Outside of equity, Eqvista plans to also develop a digital asset cap table for crypto tokens. Also, as the company was bootstrapped, the equity shares would not be diluted. Launched in 2020, Eqvista created an efficient equity management solution that helps entrepreneurs record and manage their company’s cap table and shareholders. Aside from this, companies can issue shares and options, ESOPs, and perform financial modeling all from one platform. The platform makes issuing and managing shares more seamless and efficient for founders, employees and investors.  Through the years, Eqvista has added numerous features to make managing equity more efficient. These features were based on feedback from company founders (from seed stage to pre-IPO companies) that trust the platform. Some features include an electronic shareholder acceptance option, waterfall analysis and round modeling, vesting schedules, and startup valuations. About Eqvista Eqvista is a sophisticated equity management platform that allows companies, investors and shareholders to manage and make intelligent decisions about their companies’ equity. Eqvista allows companies to manage equity electronically and to track all shareholders’ activities. Eqvista also provides one of the leading business valuation services, including 409A valuations conducted by NACVA-certified analysts. Effectively manage your cap table and business valuations in one place.  Eqvista has partnered with different companies and professionals across all major industries to provide the best services possible. Eqvista partners receive big benefits to offer to clients, including free training sessions on using the platform, discount on 409A valuations, etc. Source: Eqvista